VIVALOE Rocks the Haight Ashbury Street Fair

This was the Summer of Love for VIVALOE in Haight Ashbury with Awesome Vendors tuning in and turning on their Customers to the Best All Natural Aloe Beverage in The World.

To show our appreciation for all the support and love we get in this exciting, colorful, historic part of San Francisco, we joined the 35th Annual Haight Ashbury Street Fair and spread the Love with all the Beautiful People that support us year round…

To find out more about this cool annual event please visit: Haight Ashbury Street Fair

Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-1 Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-2 Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-3 Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-8 Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-10 Vivaloe-Haight-Ashbury-Street-Fair-4

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